Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value

As owner of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory, your job is to ship and deliver cookies to your customers as fast as possible. Cookies are sold by ones… or in stacks, boxes, cartons, crates, pallets, and trucks. Tap on an item to add it to an order. The order will ship or be delivered when the cookie count matches the cookie order. But keep an eye on the clock. If you are too slow, your customers will buy their cookies from someone else!

In this game, players learn place value concepts and practice math facts as they count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit numbers on their way to a global cookie empire. Common core standards addressed include: 1.NBT.2, 1.NBT.4, 1.NBT.6, 2.NBT.1, 2.NBT.5, 2.NBT.7, 2.NBT.8, 3.NBT.2, and 3.NBT.3.

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  • introduction
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  • game options
  • counting: level 2
  • subtracting: level 2
  • dividing: level 6
  • adding: level 6
  • sales records